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Who Should Suri Live With?

Created: Jul 24, 2012 | Comments
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Who’s The Hotter Prince?

Created: Jul 24, 2012 | Comments
InTouch 4580

Should Amanda Bynes have her license taken away?

Created: Aug 6, 2012 | Comments
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Is this a true story? During a July 17 stint as an E! News co-host, cheating husband Dean McDermott, 47, said his marriage to Tori Spelling, 41, is “stronger than it’s ever been.” What do you think of Dean’s statement?

Created: Jul 18, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 155

Does Scott Disick think a sappy Instagram is gonna get him out of the doghouse? The often-in-trouble reality star posted a shot of him and Kourtney, channeling The Notebook with the caption, “Only better.” What do you think of his romantic attempt?

Created: Jul 17, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 67

North West must be growing up fast! The one-year-old took a first class flight from NYC to LA with an entourage of handlers — but without her famous parents onboard. What do you think of Kim & Kanye’s decision?

Created: Jun 20, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 447

RHOBH star Brandi Glanville, 41, got some heat from those she calls “haters” on July 6 when she posted a snap of her sons (Jake, 7, and Mason,11) building a desk at home in their undies. What do you think about her tweet?

Created: Jul 9, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 3965

On the heels of Maleficent’s success, Disney is giving its animated Beauty and the Beast classic a live-action makeover. But no leading lady has yet been tapped to star as Belle. Who do you think should be cast in the role?

Created: Jun 5, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 344

Willow Smith, 13, was caught in bed with 20-year-old former Hannah Montana actor Moises Aias. While the snap isn’t overtly racy, many fans are shocked by the controversial image. What do you think?

Created: May 7, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 4045

From the set to the stroller? Kim Kardashian, 33, stepped out on June 16 in NYC looking glammed-up and uber-sexy (um, cleavage-much?!) to go for a walk with one-year-old North. What do you think of her mom style: Impressive or impractical?

Created: Jun 19, 2014 | Comments
cwaldholz 520

Kim Kardashian is such a hair khameleon! The 33-year-old went back to blonde, as she covered up her dark tresses with a wig on June 25 in an Instagram snap with the caption #Blondehairdon’tcare . Which way do you prefer Kim: as a blonde or brunette?

Created: Jun 26, 2014 | Comments
cwaldholz 93

On Jan. 26, Disney Channel introduced its first openly gay characters with a lesbian couple on the hit sitcom, Good Luck Charlie. While some parents and fans are applauding the new characters, others aren’t happy with the decision. What do you think?

Created: Jan 30, 2014 | Comments
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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina slammed Angela Bassett for not casting her to play her mom in an upcoming biopic. When Angela said Bobbi wasn’t considered, as she’s “not an actress,” BK called Angela a “b—ch.” Whose side are you on?

Created: Jul 3, 2014 | Comments
csitzer 796

Kendra Wilkinson admits to showering with her 3-year-old son, Hank Jr., saying “Everybody Has Boobs”: Okay or No Way?

Created: Feb 28, 2013 | Comments
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Which split is sadder?

Created: Mar 1, 2013 | Comments
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Are you excited to see Seth MacFarlane host the 2013 Oscars?

Created: Feb 20, 2013 | Comments
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Who’s the hotter Theroux brother: Justin, 41, or Sebastian, 24?

Created: Mar 8, 2013 | Comments
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Do you think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth can repair their damaged relationship?

Created: Mar 19, 2013 | Comments
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Whose pregnancy has you more excited: Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton?

Created: Feb 20, 2013 | Comments
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Do you think Mel B and Heidi make good additions to the ’America’s Got Talent’ judges panel?

Created: Mar 4, 2013 | Comments
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